Rug Washing

Rug Washing

Just by walking on the rug you are disturbing the particles and releasing them directly into the air that you are breathing. The price of rug and mat cleaning is determined by the size of the rug. Experience the Myer Carpet Cleaning difference today. Great service with a smile to make the air clean and fresh around your home. Jute is a soft, flexible and hard wearing fibre that is extremely strong yet has a surprisingly silky, soft feel. Jute is an eco-friendly material that grows quickly and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Simply use hi-tech equipment and super advanced rug cleaning techniques to clean and maintain your rug. I used All Aces Cleaning for a family room rug and their service was great. Very friendly staff, finished product looked great and pick up and delivery of rug was appreciated. I just had my carpets cleaned and was extremely happy with the result. I would recommend Sun Dry to all my family and friends. We were so pleased with the result, carpets like new and tiles as good as the day we put them down more than 25 yers ago.

Our automated dusting machine removes any dry soiling using a gentle harmonic beating system combined with a powerful vacuum. Over our many years in business, we have earned a reputation as professionals in our area of expertise. We are specialists in all aspects of Oriental and specialty rug care. The cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained to identify rug specificities and custom cleans your rug according to our standards of excellence. We are committed to providing excellent care and service in every step of your rug’s cleaning process. Pre-Inspection – We examine each rug, looking for signs of fading, discolouration, stains, pre-existing damage, colour instability and odours.

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Rug Wash provides you with the help you need to maintain the new appearance of your rug when you… We are here to answer any questions that you might have about Oriental rug care. Servicing the Adelaide region residential and commercial premises. A shag rug is a high-maintenance piece, so be prepared before you invest in one.

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Our rug cleaning service in Melbourne is able to eliminate these particles and kill any mould and mildew. Carpet cleaning services are suitable for your homes carpeting, however rugs are typically more intricate and require a different approach. Our experienced team of rug cleaning professionals use the finest equipment and processes to clean rugs of all materials and any shape or size. We offer the best care for your Wool, Cotton Silk, Oriental, and Hand Made rugs. Our rug cleaners invest the extra time needed to do the job properly.

Then your cleaner will use a wool-friendly detergent solution to gently sponge the surface of your rug and loosen dirt/marks, without wetting it through. Then they’ll use a plain water sponge to rinse the area before blotting it with clean towels to speed up drying. They’ll hang your rug on a clothesline, railing, or chair so air can circulate and dry fully. Pets, insects, flower pots, the wear and tear of daily use take their toll; there are times when something has to be done.

Authentic rugs are hand made – for a small 3 x 5 rug; it might take several months to make. Medium-sized rugs can take up to a year to hand made. Very large rugs might take a group of people a few years to complete. Larger silk rugs with up to 1,000 knots or more per inch, may take a lifetime to make. For generations and many years of history, oriental rugs have been a luxury standard and proved many times their value increases over the years. Antique rugs are most valuable, because of the history they’re carrying and time has enhanced their beautiful colors.

Regular cleaning is essential to prolong their life and maintain their appearance. If the rugs have any water-based stains, these can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. But oil-based stains need professional rug cleaning methods, like solvents and extraction cleaning.

These durable flat woven rugs and textiles are beautiful pieces of art created by the Navajo people. They usually have no fringes and the dyes are often made from vegetables or local plants. Unfortunately we cannot store your rug for you because we don’t have the extra room but with out pick up droop off service it makes it easy for you. Absolutely, and we take photos of your rug as a value added service. It really depends on number of people in your household, pets, lifestyle and location.

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We have the package that will give you 100% satisfaction. Shampooing your rugs is an easy way to remove excess dirt, allergens, bacteria, and other toxins from them. Rug shampoo and commercial-grade equipment are used in this process. Our rug cleaners in Melbourne use approved shampoos to clean your rug’s surface. We suggest this approach for all styles of rugs as Melbourne’s rug cleaning experts. We understand that urban life consumes a major part of your whole day and daily life.

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This not only helps to deodorise the rug, but makes it a little easier to vacuum up the pet hair. This also tends to be the area that needs a good clean too. Dirt not only builds up on top of the rug but it settles under the rug as well. I dont have a dedicated horse machine either but….

So, the easiest and most convenient way to deal with dirty rugs is to contact us right now. Our customer care and on-site rug cleaning services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our superior carpet cleaning services restore the lustre of your rug or carpet by making it clean, new, and light. We offer affordable rug cleaning and restoration services to domestic and commercial customers. Our premium rug washing system will have your rugs looking as good as new, free from stains and unwanted odors. We clean all kinds of rugs – Persian rugs, Tailor made rugs, Chinese rugs, Moroccan rugs, shag rugs, Turkish rugs and Oriental rugs.

At Rug Wash, we have the professional techniques to provide the help you need with rug repairs & restoration… We welcome you to drop your rugs to our store and we will professionally clean them with care and attention. If you would like your rug picked up please contact us to make arrangements.

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If any part of our cleaning does not meet your expectations. Remember, our mission is to provide quality rug cleaning Please inform us within five working days, we will rectify the service free of charge. At M&Co Cleaning we not only clean, but sanitise your items with long lasting benefits utilising world leading products and professional services killing 99.8% of germs. UNiQ products provide honest, proven solutions to contaminated and infected fabrics, fibres and textiles.

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The rug is then dusted, removing soil and dust from the fibres, and the cleaning process begins. Each rug is cleaned by hand being treated with specialised cleaning products and odour removers tailored specifically to your rug. The rug is then rinsed multiple times, dried, and then groomed to perfection.

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Sometimes this can even do more harm than good by leaving delicate rugs or mats damaged and frayed. Some rugs, mats and carpets are made from delicate fibres that only experts know how to handle properly. Although jute rugs are one of the most eco-friendly options since no fertilisers are used in growing jute, they can be difficult to clean. We guarantee that we are the rug cleaners near you that can handle your rug with care.

If the fibres are stiff, brush gently with a soft brush. If the spill is coloured, mix 2 parts water to one part white vinegar and dip a light coloured sponge into the solution. Wring out the excess moisture and gently dampen the area with the sponge.

  • We recommend that Professional cleaners be consulted for the best cleaning method for your rug.
  • Rugs are dried carefully on custom racks in our temperature and humidity controlled rooms to prevent foul odours and mildew growth.
  • We look forward to serving you with our fast and professional service.
  • Our trusted rug cleaning specialists ensure the complete safety of your delicate flooring with the best rug cleaning in Brisbane.

Professional deep-cleaning of your rug at regular intervals is important as certain things are best undertaken and accomplished by professionals. We are certified in cleaning all types of rugs including Navajo Rugs, Handmade rugs, Shag Rugs, Wool Rugs, and more. The image on the right shows the dirt and dust that has been removed from this rug in the bucket. This has been achieved with advanced cleaning techniques in our Burleigh Heads headquarters. Thank you so much for the excellent job you and your people did with our rugs during our move from St Lucia to Tewantin. We are delighted with their colour and texture, and particularly the seamless removal of fringes from the large one.

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Roll on the clean rug having Rug Cleaning Sydney on your back. We are the professionals and perfectionists in the business of carpet and Rug Cleaning in Sydney. We are one of the most experienced carpet and rug cleaners located in Sydney, Australia. The answer to all your rug questions and requirements is Perth Rug Wash, that is all you need to remember. We know Perth Rug Wash is great because we started it back in 2010 to provide professional specialised rug cleaning and repair services for our own discerning clients. You get the idea; if it can be done to a rug, Perth Rug Wash can do it!