Intelligent, automated communication via SMS and email between all stakeholders including supply partners, first response, external assessors, estimators, builders and trades. Our products are designed to be used by professionals in tough environments. We’ve been servicing the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas for 4 decades, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen!! We have in stock an extensive range of authentic replacement parts. We have the experience to replicate parts we are unable to source.

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Large amounts of coastal saltmarsh were removed or damaged while the Central Coast was developing from the 1970s-1990s, leaving small isolated patches of saltmarsh vulnerable to more threats. Active saltmarsh rehabilitation practices, such as modifying foreshore shape to create an appropriate slope and help decrease the impact of wave energy, will be used to create a suitable foreshore environment for saltmarsh growth. Active saltmarsh rehabilitation practices, such as modifying the foreshore shape to create an appropriate slope and help decrease the impact of wave energy, will be used to create a suitable foreshore environment for saltmarsh growth. [newline]Antique Restoration Brisbane – Gary Olsson is a highly reputable designer, and timber, veneer, gold and leather specialist. For projects requiring skills and materials from allied businesses, Gary manages the collaborative projects from start to finish, taking full responsibility for quality and adherence to authentic, sympathetic restoration codes of conduct. April 2018RansomeMookin-Bah Reserve – 464A Chelsea RoadProviding increased natural habitat areas in the reserve for species such as spotted grass frog, great brown broodfrog, sugar glider, squirrel glider, brown goshawk and koala.

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From 1930, the old verandah skirting the ground level of the Mill was redeveloped into a vibrant row of shops fronting both main streets. “Mill Corner” as it was fondly known to locals soon became home to the town’s favourite music emporium, butchery, dress shops, a barber and even a much loved tea room known as “The Wattle”. We are not responsible for your communications or dealings, including payment and delivery of goods or services, with a third party found via our website. Any loss or damage incurred from those communications or dealings are solely between the user and the third party. By accessing and using this site, you are choosing to accept and comply with the Terms presented throughout this agreement as well as the Privacy Policy and Moderation Policy. Linked sites, affiliated services or third party content or software have their own Terms that you must comply with.

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10 hectaresMarch 2022ParkinsonParkinson Bushland Johnson RoadIncreasing the natural habitat areas of Parkinson Bushlands which forms part of the Karawatha to Greenbank corridor. The site provides habitat for significant species such as koala, squirrel glider and sugar glider. As a member of the Water Damage Network, we take water damage restoration seriously. Especially when working with families, businesses, and insurance companies.

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Excellent at getting customers to also spend the time to make sure we do our bit to keep our teeth clean and healthy. Where visibility and access to the tooth might be an issue when working directly in the mouth, an indirect restoration overcomes these challenges. Usually prepared with porcelain or ceramic materials, indirect restorations produce a better quality outcome for patients. A bigger hole will naturally have a greater volume of filling material.

August 2019BurbankProut Road Park Prout RoadIncreasing the total area of Prout Road Park which is part of the Brisbane Koala Bushlands. 7 hectaresMarch 2018BurbankLeacroft Road Park Alperton RoadIncreasing the total area of Leacroft Road Park which is part of theBrisbane Koala Bushlands. Providing habitat for significant species including koala, squirrel glider, greater glider, red-necked wallaby, powerful owl and great barred frog.

In the 21st century, unprecedented, large sums of money are invested in modern cars, Hi-Fi and IT gadgets which are here today then gone tomorrow. GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, Antique Restoration Brisbane – Experienced, restoration specialist mastercraftsmen and artisans restore, refurbish and repair wood, timber, leather, metal, glass, porcelain, fabric, cane, fibre, stone, and shell. Restorations, repairs and refurbishments by GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen and artisans will maximise the value and longevity of your treasured investments. February 2017KurabyVoyager Drive Park Millers RoadProviding increased habitat areas in the park for species such as powerful owl, green-thighed frog, wallum froglet and koala. September 2021AnsteadAnstead Bushlands Hawkesbury RoadIncreasing habitat for the brown goshawk, eastern chestnut mouse and squirrel glider and links to Brisbane River and Anstead Bushland Reserve.

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Foreshore vegetation such as saltmarsh is a vital component in the lake systems natural cleaning process, acting like comb/net for catching floating decaying wrack when the lake level starts to recede after localised flooding. This natural process is a part of the lakes self-cleaning function that existed before the foreshore was developed for living and recreational purposes. Pre-European settlement, the foreshores of Tuggerah Lakes and Brisbane Water were naturally lined with coastal saltmarsh, Swamp Oaks and mangroves . With the increase in population and the desire to be along the waters edge, the foreshores have been built over, which has had significant, ongoing negative impacts on estuary health. It is estimated that up to 80% of the saltmarsh that was once found on the shorelines of Tuggerah Lakes has been lost as a result of clearing, development and shoreline modification .

The original version by Murillo is hanging in the Prado Museum in Madrid, and this copy is reportedly likely to be by Murillo as well. A botched restoration of a 500-year-old wooden effigy of St. George, adoring a chapel in the town of Estella in northern Spain, caused havoc in the summer of 2018. The well-intentioned attempt to restore the walnut wood stature quickly went viral after not entirely going according to plan.

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After timber restore your floors will look so good you won’t believe your eyes. [newline]The couple quickly became aware of the level of local interest in the home, with the project being their first time working on a heritage-listed property. In this gradual acquisition, I ended up purchasing articles that were stained, discoloured, or in need of historical-technique mending. I grew up with a mother who wielded a bar of soap she lovingly called ‘the stone’ (it’s Fels-Naptha) that took out nearly every stain, in every type of fabric. This miracle bar meant that, as a child, I looked at clothing with an ‘I can clean anything! The reef trials were initially done at small scales to assess the effectiveness of the methods and develop new techniques that can be applied at larger scales.

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Stage 2 works started in mid-August 2021 and involve the restoration of the below deck steel on the southern approach to the Story Bridge, between Wharf Street and Holman Street at Kangaroo Point. Works on all three locations in this first stage of the Story Bridge restoration project are anticipated to be completed before the end of April 2022. Stage 1 works started in July 2020 and involve the restoration of the below deck steel on the southern approach to the Story Bridge, between Baildon Street and Wharf Street, Kangaroo Point.


This is usually carried out by trained conservators who understand the object’s structure and chemistry. Keeping objects and collections for future generations is what historical collections and museums do. The action of prolonging the existence of significant objects is generally called conservation. Conservation, preservation and restoration are words commonly used in relation to collections.

Pen marks in jacket pockets tell of an owner whose mind is very busy elsewhere. Buttonholes worn where the body strains against the fabric signal an ill-fit and a stubborn personality. Now, I love finding mid-2000s jeans with back pockets that are worn perfectly into the shape of a cellphone.

My treatment completed today I was pleasantly surprised when I was told ‘All done”. Dr Jabbour continually made sure I was comfortable and was able to sense if I needed a break. He always explains, in as much detail and as often as I need, what is involved and where he’s up to.

  • With each of these projects, OzFish rebuilds lost seagrass meadows at a scale that could not be achieved through natural regeneration.
  • Council is currently undertaking a series of projects around the Tuggerah Lakes estuary and catchment to maintain environmental resilience, restore the quality of ecosystems and improve the water quality of the catchment.
  • In addition to reducing emissions and continued best-practice reef management, the interventions resulting from this program are likely to be needed to sustain the Reef.
  • Or are you thinking about replacing your silver amalgam fillings?
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Every component of the body and paintwork should be treated the same way. The more that is restored by the same company, the better end result you will receive. You will receive the same standard on the steering wheel as you will receive on the metalwork or chrome finish. Attention to detail is the key and no single component should be left unattended. Dental restorations are used to repair teeth that have become damaged through trauma, infection or decay. A restoration will replace any missing tooth structure and can repair a tooth so it is sufficiently strong enough for normal biting and chewing.

If the lighthouse is left unattended, existing rust will lead to potential structural issues in the future and an increase in the cost of long-term maintenance. Safety works will also potentially allow some limited supervised access to the lighthouse in the future. Rats, snakes and possums love taking advantage of damaged roofs, where they can build nests and cause damage in the process. Safely capturing and removing wildlife from your roof can also be a costly exercise, so ensuring it is secure and in good shape will save you money in the long run as well. In the spirit of reconciliation Odyssey Traveller acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community.

The drapes are of the period 1860, furniture and antiques from Georgian, William 4th through to Victorian. Some Hope items remain; Mrs Hope’s tea kettle, Capt. Hope’s brass telescope, cutlery with the Hope Crest, and ‘White Stockings’, the beloved rocking horse belonging to the Hope children. This group became the Ormiston House Friends and Advisers Committee in 1992, and it is continuing the maintenance and restoration work on the estate with the aim to celebrate the history of Ormiston House. He was very thorough in everything he did, and took his time to ensure that the job at hand was perfect.

To ensure cultural heritage values are appropriately recognised and managed, the Story Bridge will be restored to match its existing grey colour. A variety of maps, books, pages and documents being restored and conserved, using PH neutral and acid free glue and paste, as well as archival high-quality paper and repair tissue. This will stabilise the fragile pages in documents to prevent further deterioration. Then, using our specialist thermal camera and moisture metres, we will conduct moisture mapping of the area to determine the extent of the water damage. Despite its name, black water does not always have to appear black or have a bad odour, but it is very harmful to living beings. Accidental consumption of black water can cause serious illness or even death in some cases.

That’s why to keep mould, pest and other issues out of your lifestyle, feel free to take our professional support. GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen supply cabinetmaking, joinery and furniture restoration expertise as well as a host of allied services. At this site, Council is planning a streambank rehabilitation project in the bush reserve located adjacent to Woodland Parkway, Budgewoi. This project will aim to restore natural instream processes that filter water moving through the site and improve the native habitat. This will be achieved by a combination of restructuring parts of the streambank, weed management and planting native species.