Portable Extractor

Portable Extractor

The top portion of the CFX can be used by itself by hooking up to a water tap for a clean water source, and auto pump out the dirty water to the nearest toilet or drain. This allows you more versatility than a traditional portable extractor. The top portion of the CFX can be used by itself by hooking up to a water tap for a clean water source, and auto pump out the dirty water to the nearest toilet or drain at 6 GPM. This allows you more versatility than a traditional bulky portable extractor. Our commercial carpet extractor designs include ride-on, pull back, forward push, designs with flexibility to clean small & large spaces.

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Deep extraction technology provides an exceptional deep cleaning and extends carpet life and fresh appearance. Rely on powerful deep extraction technology that ke…. This applies to everything on this website, including vacuum cleaners, vacuum bags and accessories. ‘Total spend’ includes all products and services purchased in a single online transaction excluding freight costs.

This is a preview of the recently viewed products by the user. Any product that has not been installed, operated or maintained to a satisfactory level. Any damage caused by improper power input or improper cable connection. Units returned due to any of these reasons will not be covered under warranty and purchaser is liable for return freight and any repairs undertaken. Easy to carry – the PortaFlex 200 has a weight of just 15kg so it is extremely easy to carry.

Nilfisk Es300 Walk Behind Carpet Cleaner & Extractor

Residents rooms, communal areas and hallways all cleaned in a single pass. Ex Demo windsor voyager2 battery operated large area carpet extraction machine NEW BATTERY PACK WILL BE FITTED AT TIME OF SALE …. The RSDE1 is a high filtration extractor designed to filter down to 0.5 microns to minimise the amount of harmful dust in the workshop.


Conserve- Ozone creates fewer by-products than chemical sanitisers and uses less energy than sanitising with heat. Purify- Ozone destroys residual pesticides in water and on the surface of carpet and breaks down trace pharmaceuticals in water. With our global presence, we have a vast amount of great customer case studies we would love to share. Contact us via chat or our contact page and request either the scope or type of industry you would like to see what we’ve done.

This is made possible due to the super compact design of the motor housing and small recovery tank with an automatic empty pump out system. The CFX can clean non-stop for the more than twice as long as a standard 45 litre extractor. We rent and sell a range of portable fume extractors and dust collection units designed specifically for the capture of welding fumes, wood dusts and powders. Our mobile dust collectors vary in size and power, meaning we have something for everyone.

What Features Make These Extractor Carpet Cleaning Machines Beneficial?

Yes you can our machines are easy to use and operate, you can call our service number if you have any questions. Wall mounted filter – WF Eco Wall Mounted filter with JetPulse (P-549). Simply mount the unit on the wall, and attach it electrically and to comp…

Numatic Twin Motor Carpet Extraction Vacuum Ctd900

This incredible scrubbing action releases soils while fluffing up and restoring carpet life. Customers will be impressed with the high-tech approach to cleaning the RX-20 produces, setting your operation apart from those using only a wand. The operator-friendly control panel makes it easy to operate and the extractor has momentary and continuous spray features. Powerful 800 PSI max rated pump for more power in a compact package. Ideal for medium to large scale carpet cleaning and flood recovery. When you want a compact carpet extraction machine specifically designed for smaller areas and upholstery, you can rely on Polivac’s decade of experience in carpet extraction technology.

S245epl 2 Pneu Skorpio,2 Int Hoses, Case

It all depends on your specific requirements and budget. Not only do we stock an extensive collection of carpet cleaning extractor for sale, but we also help you choose the best carpet extractor for your needs. The Rotovac CFX is equipped with a huge 102 litre solution tank and 250 psi pump. The CFX is equipped with 2 dual stage vacuum motors that produce 200CFM. The unit’s motors are mounted on lightweight steel/alloy bases, to provide strength and rigidity.

  • The easy glide vacuum shoe moves across carpet effortlessly and the large 10” wheels support easy transport and maneuvering up and down stairs.
  • Powerful 1.12 kw (1.5hp) 2pole motor with a brush speed of 186rpm.
  • This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics.
  • WACER is the only Authorised Dealer for Steamvac in WA for their Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machine range.
  • When you buy from us, you will not only be able to save money, but also be able to grow a profitable, highly productive business.

We also provide them with life-long customer service. These can cater to the needs of start-ups as well as established cleaning businesses. For assistance in using any of our products, feel free to get in touch with our customer service. Carpet extractor machines provide a deeper cleaning while effectively removing odours, smells and stubborn stains. Expand your business opportunities with the mobility of Sapphire extractors.

Numatic Ct470 Commercial Carpet And Upholstery Extraction Machine

May be needed for some grout lines with extreme soiling. Powerful enough for commercial carpets, fully adjustable pressure to thoroughly clean the most delicate upholstery without risk, Predator is ‘the gentle little giant’. Leading Australian provider of cleaning equipment solutions since 2004. Recovery tank on the ES300 is easily accessed and simply lifts off the machine to facilitate easy cleaning. Gravity drain hose and wide access opening make the task even easier.

You can rely on the legendary long life and reliability of the Polivac Predator. Designed for maximum performance and total portability for large or small scale carpet cleaning, the Predator packs more punch than units twice its siz…. At WACER we specialise in installation & maintenance of all Steamvac models including; Steamvac RD6, Steamvac Apollo, Steamvac Avenger, Steamvac Auto 1600 PSI, Steamvac Rd5. Chemical residues which cause re-soiling can be removed instantly. The large lift off recovery tank also lets you extract more spots before emptying.

We have the full capabilities to help you select the right instrument for the job, how to optimally use, or calibrate and re-certify existing equipment. The first step is contacting us to start the conversation. We offer an extensive line of professional painting and blasting equipment for hire throughout Australia. Contact us today on equipment selection, availability, operational assistance and anything else we may be able to assist you with.

Features like upright dolly design and roller handles for easy loading unloading and stair climbing make the PEX easy to handle for one person. But it is the “Easy Transport” features of the PEX that crown it already as the king of mobility. A special wand caddy is molded into the design of the machine. A retractable hose wrap holds your vacuum and solution hose. It is the easiest high performance extractor in the world to move through a facility.

The promoter reserves the right to substitute the bonus item for a gift of equivalent value, subject to legislation, at its discretion in the event of happenings beyond its control. The bonus item, or its equivalent, is not exchangeable, transferable nor redeemable for cash. Please note a copy of your customers invoice must be provided with this form if claiming under warranty. We will continue to use their equipment and their service. Top-mounted switches are easy to reach and feature protective caps.

The easy glide vacuum shoe moves across carpet effortlessly and the large 10” wheels support easy transport and maneuvering up and down stairs. Offering five cleaning options – dry or wet vacuuming, scrubbing & drying of hard floors, cleaning the carpets and upholstery. Powerful 1060W bypass motor and comprehensive accessory kit. The Porta-Flex 200 is a portable fume extractor and filter suitable for welding in confined spaces or difficult to reach locations. It provides local exhaust ventilation , or at-source fume extraction, for dangerous welding fumes, vapours, and other workplace emissions. The Porta-Flex 200 is perfect for service and maintenance jobs where remote or mobile welding is required – a user friendly and flexible piece of welding fume extraction equipment.

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Unique direct gear drive builds reliability into every Polivac machine. Powerful 1.12 kw (1.5hp) 2pole motor with a brush speed of 186rpm. The Rotovac CFX utilizes a 102 litre tank, high flow technology and an auto pump out system that allows you to clean for nearly twice as long as a traditional portable extractor. The CFX auto pump out system pumps the dirty water into a sink or toilet rather than into a recovery tank.

WF-ECO Jet Pulse Wall Mount Fume Extractor Wall mounted filtered welding fume extractor WF-Eco Jet Pulse filter has a very efficient built in c… Accessory tool allows for greater cleaning ability. Delivered standard with upholstery tool with hard floor, soft floor, and stainless steel floor tool assemblies available upon request. These extractors are essential because they prevent the formation of mould, mildew, and bacterias inside the carpet’s fibre. Furthermore, they leave the carpet ready to use before you even know it. Our all-purpose cleaners can do wonders, professionally cleaning the carpet and restoring its original shine.

Nilfisk ES300 Carpet Extractor Scrubber complete with nylon carpet brush and 2.4 metre hose with hand tool accessory. Nilfisk Australia has one of the largest commercial and industrial product lines in the cleaning indus…. We are incorporating our TwinFlo bypass motors and integrated PowerFlo pump system. The pump system injects the cleaning solution deep into the carpets in a continuous deep cleaning cycle. These bigger machines will cover an area more than three times that of our smaller machines, without the need for emptying.