Heavy Duty Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Replaces corrosive, caustic, and butyl-based cleaners that can instantly burn skin or permanently damage the eyes or other body organs. AutoSmart TW 39 Express Degreaser is tough on grease and stains, yet is officially safe to use on paintwork. Unlike other car cleaners, our heavy duty degreaser has ICI Autocolour approval for use on paint. NeuClean All-Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner is an extremely effective ready-to-use cleaner/degreaser. It is suitable for use in general cleaning and the breakdown of hard to remove dirt and grime.

It is low foaming and can eliminate problems with oxidation and rust. Triple7 Heavy Dutydoes not contain chemicals determined by the EPA or OH&S to be carcinogenic or suspected carcinogens, therefore you are preventing future litigation claims. For lighter mould applications where a light sanitising treatment is required, the use ofActiveEco AquaSmartis recommended.

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This versatile product has three cleaning actions; detergency, emulsification and solvency. E-Magiclean is biodegradable and safe to use on most surfaces. KD-100 is a concentrated caustic based solvent for the safe & effective removal of heavy grease & soil in kitchen & food preparation areas. EASI-CLEAN has been formulated to quickly remove grease, fat, dirt, protein and oil from a variety of surfaces. EASI-CLEAN is particularly effective on food plants and kitchens when used as directed.

For machine and equipment cleaning, spray on undiluted, allow dwell time and rinse off with clear water. Do not use or allow Rhino to contact painted surfaces, non-ferrous metal surfaces and polymer coated flooring. Safe on all man-made tiles, natural stone products, grout and concrete at recommended dilutions.

Heavy Duty Cleaners & Degreasers

Quickly and effectively removes fat, grease, dirt and even soap scum…. A. This is the ideal product for degreasing engine bays, wheels and other areas on your car, 4×4 or truck. Also known as Truckwash 39, this product is highlyu suitable for quickly cleaning grime and hard to remove grease off truck paintwork, while leaving a polymer gloss. CLEAN SHOP is an industrial strength cleaner degreaser formulated to remove a wide variety of greasy soils. Incorporating highly effective detergent blend. If Global grease cutter is used, oil removed during washdown or degreasing will be released to float on top of the collection pit or in the separator and is available for collection.

Safe, solvent free, specialized cleaner formulated with unique acid replacement technology for removing red ore stains, cleaning concrete and bore water staining. Does not attack rubber, stable paint and plastics. Provides considerable safety and handling advantages compared with traditional corrosive acid containing formulations, thus significantly reducing OH&S in the workplace. Activ Shift is extremely efficient in the cleaning of oils and grease from concrete floors and ferrous metals, through automatic equipment. E.g. steam cleaners, pressure washers or manual cleaning and is biodegradable.

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Avoid breathing dust, fume, gas, mist, vapour or spray. Wear overalls, safety shoes, impervious gloves and safety glasses. Help other Maven Supplies users shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased.

HDC dissolves completely in water and is ideal for use in high pressure washing equipment. RECON Heavy Duty Cleaner is a very powerful, water soluble, cleaner/degreaser. Due to its chemical potency, this product is extremely effective in the removal of heavy accumulations of grease, oil, fats, carbon, ink, wax, dirt and soot, tar and asphalt, creosote, rust stains and many soils. It also contains HydroSolv 2000 technology, a fast acting powerful solubilizing agent that dissolves and suspends any soil, allowing it to be wiped or rinsed away completely.

If you have used Harlequin Vinyl Dressing and Harlequin Vinyl Maintainer, the build-up of both solutions will need to be removed periodically using Harlequin Vinyl Heavy Duty Cleaner. We recommend that this is undertaken once or twice a year. WIPE CLEAN with a damp cloth, rinsing frequently with warm water. All are part of the Bunzl plc group of companies. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.

20cm from the surface at a 45° angle and move forward, so that the water can penetrate under the loosened grime and roll it in front of the spray nozzle. Two passes may be necessary for deep in-grained stains. Blast oven and grill cleaner is an alkaline, DG rated, oven and grill cleaner developed for daily application as a maintenance cleaner. Blast will effectively clean ovens, grill plates, fry pans, rotissories, cook tops and deep fryers.

  • RECON Heavy Duty Cleaner is a very powerful, water soluble, cleaner/degreaser.
  • The versatile formula quickly removes stubborn dirt, grease and built-up grime from virtually all interior and exterior surfaces ?
  • CURRAN 777- Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser 777 is a blend of heavy duty detergents combined with specially made solvents to make product a unique heavy duty cleaner.
  • For those wishing to have an all in one heavy duty cleaner and stripper.

Versatile in use as manual, spray or mechanical applications are able to be used. Highly Concentrated, solvent free, tough on grease, fats and food deposits, quick action. Our products are made here in Australia with great care and integrity. We also offer a range of services including custom commercial kitchen restaurant fit-outs, sustainability and corporate responsibility. Rapid Emulsification – Quickly penetrates and emulsifies dirt, grease and oils. All in One Lemon 20L. Multi-purpose Lemon cleaner, disinfectant (4% Quat), and deodouriser.

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Active Rip Off is a water soluble, biodegradable, free rinsing cleaner suitable for most hard surfaces. It can be used where a hard surface cleaner or light degreaser is required including offices, kitchens, schools, dealerships and industry. Active Rip Off is not recommended for use on well-maintained polished floors.

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Here is an approximate guide to delivery times for online orders once they have been dispatched. We’ve been round since 1968, helping people just like you make the places where we all work, stay, learn and heal… Envirofluid trialled Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Enviroscale Plus at KiwiRail for train washdown and cleaning with remarkable results. Triple7Heavy Dutymay be filtered of contaminants and reused or recycled for long-term cleaning systems – a cost saving for you and best of all, the product is acceptable for landfill disposal.

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Goes above and beyond to ensure that our small business has everything we need and in a timely manner. Please check additional information tab for product specifications. Click here to request a copy of our brochure and check out all our environmentally friendly products. Experience organically powered deep cleaning with Enviroplus. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry thoroughly.

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FORCE H.D.CLEANER is a powerful water based cleaner formulated for safe and effective removal of heavy grease and soil deposits encountered in kitchens, food preparation areas, plant, mining, machinery and workshops. RapidClean Easi Clean Heavy Duty Degreaser is a caustic based heavy duty degreaser which removes heavy deposits of grease, fat, protein deposits, dirt, oil, from all hard surfaces. Easi-Clean is particularly effective in food plants and kitchens when used as directed. Easi-Clean is a caustic based heavy duty degreaser which removes heavy deposits of grease, fat, protein deposits, dirt, oil, from all hard surfaces. Activ ShiftT is a highly alkaline cleaner degreaser formulated from our patented POSITIVE EMULSION TECHNOLOGY for heavy duty degreasing and cleaning in industrial sites.

XO2® is where Australia’s favourite cleaning supplies, chemicals and washroom products come from. And they’re made specifically for facilities, businesses and professional cleaners. On vertical surfaces, always start at the bottom of the vertical surface to be cleaned and apply the solution upward. The actual cleaning is accomplished by rinsing with water. Two passes may be required to remove hardened soil or deep stains in concrete and masonary. E-Magiclean is a multi-purpose cleaner for commerical and industrial cleaning.

Please refer to ourcleaning and maintenance instructionsfor full guidance. Used to remove dirt, including dust, stains, bad smells, and clutter on surfaces. Purposes of cleaning agents include health, beauty, removing offensive odor, and avoiding the spread of dirt and conta…

Heavy Duty  Cleaner

Breakaway is recommended for use manually or through a foam gun, but not for scrubbing machines due to the high foam level. Also not recommended for cleaning aluminium; Gorilla is the preferred cleaner for aluminium surfaces. OIL STAIN REMOVER is a white absorbent paste containing mineral turpentine. It is to be used in the “poultice method” for removing stubborn oil stains that have soaked into porous concrete and stone floors and wall… Car lovers can give their car a professional detail with our premium car care products.

This might affect certain products or delivery times. We are working very closely with these partners to achieve minimum delays where possible. Premium Car Care is the source for the premium automotive detailing products, equipment and supplies. Pour contents into another container, dilute with water to suit cleaning application, refill pump applicator. E-2 does not contain hazardous, toxic, or polluting ingredients. Free of acids, bleach, butyls, phenols, petroleum distillates, or any hazardous chemical ingredient.