Hand Cleaner

Hand Cleaner

It also covers why hand hygiene is so important and how to encourage better hand hygiene practices in your workplace. Odourless, germicidal liquid hand cleaner, designed for use where bacteria control is imperative. Place a small amount of ENVIRO Mint Grit Hand Cleaner into palm of the hand, do not wet hands with water first as this will reduce the cleaning effectiveness.

Heavy Duty Degreaser – 200L – Heavy Duty DeGreaser designed for both industrial and commercial applications. – Specialty formula easily removes grease, oils and dirt from all types of machinery, vehicles and most surfaces. Heavy Duty Degreaser – 5L – Heavy Duty DeGreaser designed for both industrial and commercial applications. Heavy Duty Degreaser – 20L – Heavy Duty DeGreaser designed for both industrial and commercial applications. Non-toxic, liquid hand sanitiser, provides lasting protection against all pathogenic infections.

Dermatologically tested with the 48 hour single patch test results have been validated by a dermatologist to show the product to be ‘non-irritant’. Available in two sizes; 4 litre with a self pump dispenser or 15 litre bucket. The 15 litre bucket can be used with an optional accessory hand pump. Unlike chemical-based cleansers, Triple7 Awaken will not strip skin of natural protective oils, which can leave hands irritated.

Solopol Classic 4lt Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

How to useDispense up to three pumps into wet hands, rub into a thick lather and rinse well. To create online store ShopFactory eCommerce software was used. This great range replaces toxic and dangerous products such as MEK, Acetone and Gun Wash as well as products containing carcinogens including Benzene and its derivatives. This product is classified as “Dangerous Goods”, and cannot be sent via Australia Post.

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It has been specially developed to gently and easily remove uncured sealants, PU Foam and adhesives. In this way, the Swipex Hand Cleaner is different from other hand cleaners on the market as it is specially designed for people using Soudal products. Of course, the Swipex Hand Cleaner can be also used for other kinds of dirt like paint, oil or grease. Additional to its cleaning properties, the Swipex Hand Cleaner contains Sericin to soften and protect the hands. It comes in a 1L bottle with integrated hand pump and is ready to use.

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With its solvent free formula it helps prevent drying out of the skin, the rich creamy lotion quickly rinses off the skin leaving no greasy after feel. [newline]We design, manufacture and deliver infection control and hygiene products. Some of our specialties include hand soaps, hand sanitisers, surface disinfectants, wipes, touch free dispensing solutions and specialty cleaning chemicals. No solvents or petroleum makes this hand cleaner suitable for sensitive skins. The scrubbing aggregate gently removes ingrained oils and grease by massaging the skin. Fortified with macadamia oil and Vitamin E oil helps to moisturise hands leaving skin soft and smooth. Osher Blue’s Bluey is a highly effective, solvent based hand cleaner.

Germ Buster Anti

The incorporation of coconut oil and natural moisturisers, HANDY will leave hands soft and fresh. Handy Pumice Hand Cleaner also contains natural citrus and biodegradable surfactants, is free of phosphates and petroleum solvents making it environmentally friendly. The Quick Smart Products Hand Cleaners range is renowned throughout Australia. We also manufacture a hand cleaner, Viscol, which is suitable for use in the food industry. We also stock a variety of industrial hand cleaner dispensers and pumps suitable for use with our range of hand cleaners to assist in minimizing wastage.

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  • Heavy Duty Truck Wash – 5L – Concentrated fast acting truck wash. – Cuts through road grime and diesel fumes with ease.
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  • Soothing, moisturising barrier cream to help keep the skin smooth, soft and supple.

For the easy and efficient application of our hand cleaner soaps and creams, you can buy sturdy dispensing systems from Dreumex. Heavy-duty Solvol fights stubborn dirt and grime so gardens stay green and hands stay clean. Super concentrated liquid cleaners for all cleaning applications, from degreasing engines & equipment to carpets and window cleaning. Reinol contains Natural Ingredients to properly clean the dirtiest of hands while nourishing and protecting the skin. Suits mining, automotive, trucking, tyre fitment, heavy engineering, fabrication, marine, agriculture, construction to landscaping, residential, household and more. A combined hand cleaner and moisturiser with skin balanced…

Solvent Degreaser

I work on cars/machinery and do a lot of farm work as well. This product which was recommended to me from a couple of friends has proven to do what it’s supposed to do,……CLEAN my hands and the same time it’s not harsh to my skin. Thank you Envirofluid, I’ll be ordering more in the future. Select a category to begin browsing our range of products. After using ENVIRO Mint Grit Hand Cleaner , hands are left feeling smooth & supple & with a pleasant mint fragrance.

Kresto Ultra Special Heavy Cleaner 2l

Hand cleaners with moisturising agents, grits, and pleasant fragrances. Don’t be mistaken by imitations claiming to be Solvent Free. Limonene and Petroleum Distillates are common solvents used in modern day hand cleaners. Triple7 Awaken is effective for removing dirt, grease, oil, ingrained grime, paint and dye from hands. We are Australia’s leading supplier for steel strapping supplies and accessories. Our steel strapping supplies, poly woven strapping, plastic edge protectors, heavy-duty seals and other accessories are the best solutions in preventing any damages in your products.

Minimises potential for cross-contamination in food handling and health care environments. This organic wash removes germs, stains, grime and dirt from your hands. The unique hemp formula is gentle on sensitive skin and helps to restore moisture. Contains glycerine and wheat germ extracts to help moisturize the hands whilst the mild orange perfume leaves the skin fresh with a light fragrance after use.

Tuff Wash Is a medium viscosity natural soap-based hand cleaner containing orange oil to assist in removing stubborn soils from hands. Tuff Wash is a waterless hand cleaner containing synthetic grit for the removal of oils, grease, paints and soils from the hands and arms. Jasol Citrus Polygel Antiseptic Hand Cleanser is a heavy duty hand cleaner designed for use in the industrial areas. It contains a unique blend of solvents with natural citrus peel oils which will remove grease, oil and grime with ease.

This all natural mineral product contains no toxic ingredients, harsh abrasives or dangerous chemicals. ActiveEco is a range of chemicals specifically designed for very challenging industrial tasks where there can be no compromise on power and efficiency.

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Keep your hands smooth and soft while removing stubborn dirt and grease with heavy-duty Solvol liquid hand cleaner. The mechanic’s best friend – heavy-duty Solvol hand cleaner removes oil and grease to keep hard working hands clean and soft to the touch. Solvol liquid is happy to help with the clean up, but you’re on your own when it comes to replacing those diff gears. All over handwash can also be used as a shower gel substitute.

Hand Cleaners & Soaps

Citrogel is very effective in removing a wide variety of soils like ink, grease, oil, garden soil and most other industrial soils. This powerful hand cleanser effectively removes dirt, grime, paints, oils, dyes and unpleasant odours without irritating sensitive skin. Triple7 Awaken is a pure, natural and effective alternative to chemical-based hand cleansers.

Sorbo Fast Release Squeegee Handle

Adhesives, most paints and general soiling, helps protect against skin dryness and chapping, contains polygrains to remove inground soiling. A better way to work – sticky resins and stubborn adhesives don’t stand a chance against the heavy-duty cleaning power of Solvol. If it looks like it’s going to be a dirty job, make sure you’ve made room in your toolbox for a bar of Solvol. Kills Germs, Dries instantly, no water required, HACCP Endorsed, AQIS Approved, TGA listed. Reinol barrier creams and skin care cream nourish & protect against solvents, soaps, acids, alkali mediums, dust & injurous powders. The hygienic and economical dispensing system provides the exact amount of cleaner to remove even the heaviest of soiling in only one wash.

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GritMitts combines the cleansing power of pumice, a light volcanic rock, with the deep cleaning strength of natural citrus oils. Heavy Duty Truck Wash – 200L – Concentrated fast acting truck wash. – Cuts through road grime and diesel fumes with ease. Heavy Duty Truck Wash – 5L – Concentrated fast acting truck wash. – Cuts through road grime and diesel fumes with ease.