Green Clean Cleaning

Green Clean Cleaning

We are proud to have a team of highly trained and professional cleaners who are eager to exceed your expectations. The Eco-friendly way we handle dirt and filth made us who we are today. If you want to become the great cleaner of tomorrow, start to use these different green tips.

Why Should We Green Clean?

A citrus-based cleaner containing D-Limonene will take about 30 minutes to dissolve grease and residue. Sustainable cleaning consultancy, Fresh Green Clean, has rebranded as HPC Solutions as part of its transition to a new company, High Performance Cleaning Solutions. We’re so confident you’ll be delighted that we don’t require long-term contracts. Be careful not to get locked into one with another company that can be nearly impossible to get out of. From there, the communication lines are open at all times with transparent communication all the way from your cleaner to our Managing Director.

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Please note that any notice or counter-notice you submit must be truthful and must be submitted under penalty of perjury. A false notice or counter-notice may give rise to personal liability. You may therefore want to seek the advice of legal counsel before submitting a notice or a counter-notice. “Often it’s simply a case of a cleaning staff member not understanding the importance of green cleaning products, or perceiving them to perhaps be inferior to the conventional products they’ve been using for years already. The cleaning company you hire should use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning fluids. This will ensure that the harmful chemicals that are usually put into non-green chemical detergents are not used in your office area and they will not be released into the air too.

Then chemists started to develop detergents from petrochemicals. These were specialised cleansers and were highly effective at stripping the film away. It revolutionalised the cleaning world, and more ”developments’ were made to produce detergents for individual cleaning tasks. Traditional soap was also modified for the mass market until it’s compounds no longer resembled the original product. Our cleaning products were changing into sulphonated petroleum hydrocarbons which were totally synthetic and degrading to our environment. Certified as environmentally friendly byGood Environmental Choice Australia – Australia’s peak green certification body.

A “complete green clean” is what we got, and we are so impressed that we are recommending them to our friends. If a healthy and hygienic home is important to you, trust our highly trained, uniformed and insured teams using our green products and equipment to give you the greenest, healthiest most thorough home every visit. The use only effective, non-toxic products and elbow grease instead of harsh chemicals is a better way. I rang and texted Karina and she repeatedly never responded to me or said she would get back to me and didn’t. One of the cleaners was scared of dogs so on these days I was taking my dog over to my parents house and then tidying up for them with toddler in tow all for no one to arrive TWICE.

The smell alone is off putting enough, but many people experience dizziness, respiratory problems and skin allergies from the products they use to simply giving their toilet a quick scrub. Complete Green Clean are a fantastic, trustworthy family business. They have been cleaning our house for more than a year with great results.

They are readily available, biodegradable and much milder than some of the products you may be currently using. Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner– is a powerful product which has been formulated with beneficial probiotics, making cleaning easier and more effective. Its cultured bacteria decompose organic matter such as urine, blood, soap scum, grease and fats by creating digestive enzymes that help bio-degrade complex compounds. Most impressively, the bacteria will continue to work upon application. Bio Blitz is 100% chemical free, biodegradable and produces very small amount of footprint.

In contrast, green cleaning products tend to be more gentle and that will help to preserve the life of your belongings. These biological molecules also help eliminate pet stains and offer a safe and effective way to clean. However, enzyme cleaners don’t work as fast as commercial cleaners and are not always compatible with other cleaning products, so read all instructions before use. Rather than buying separate products for toilets, sinks, glass and showers, you can switch to a product that can be used for cleaning needs. Due to the dangerous and corrosive chemicals within, many traditional cleaning products are packaged in single-use plastic bottles which cannot be properly recycled. Just think about how many bottles of toilet cleaner or general purpose spray your workplace goes through and how many of those bottles end up in landfill or swirling around in the ocean.

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The environmental choice for cleaning hard surfaces such as floors and bench tops. It is a highly concentrated, versatile, all-purpose detergent featuring a biodegradable formula. Independently accredited – meets the stringent requirements of the Environmental Credentials Scheme for environmentally preferable products as licenced by ACCORD. In effect, the principles of hygiene and aromatherapy become partners when essential oils are used. It is not just an advertising gimmick that many commercial products contain citrus oils, as they are natural degreasers and have antimicrobial properties.

When I requested the quotes they kept getting it wrong and forgetting items and I had to beg to get replies. I continued to progress with them purely because I wanted chemical free. The $600 Spring Clean on the day was done by two back packer brazilians.

  • The staff are courteous, experienced and hard working – what more could you ask for.
  • We can remove the harsh and damaging chemicals from the cleaning cupboard, and replace them with milder, yet still effective, cleaners and rinses.
  • Instead of using oven cleaner bought at the supermarket, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in the oven, cover with vinegar, and leave overnight.
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  • The purpose of this information is to show how easy and effective cleaning can be using natural ingredients.
  • To create a successful bleach cleaner, you need to find the right combination that brightens the clothes, smells nice and doesn’t irritate the skin.

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The Environmental Working Group lists products and scores them on their levels of environmental friendliness. Enzymes are compounds that speed up chemical reactions, and these cleaners are perfect for getting rid of stains. They are nature’s way of breaking down the particles that makeup stains and grime. HPC Solutions also offers a library of step-by-step images, which are used to create pictorial, colour-coded ‘task sheets’ in the customised cleaning manuals. According to Gardner HPC Solutions offers a more streamlined business model. We understand how to achieve optimum results that will help create a happy and healthy environment for you, your employees and your customers.

We will also create a customised green cleaning plan for your office. The only company I trust to clean my home, the environmentally friendly element of the company is the way of the future! When Mr Tsoukalas joined the cleaning team, he tested his ideas by spraying a solution of bicarb soda and water on a patch of concrete in the Utzon room. After wiping it off with rags a few minutes later, he was overjoyed to discover that it had removed decades of filth that had built up from indoor smoking, human oil and other stains.

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For homeowners, we provide a better, smarter way to connect with local tradies to get a job done well. For tradies, our platform helps you grow your business by providing quality leads from customers looking for a specific trade. Scott responded straight away and provided advice and a quote on-site and was hired to clean patio roof and back of my two storey townhouse.

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Homes aren’t the only place we clean; builders clean, or shop fit-out cleaning services are available. We understand all the work that goes into a building project, and the last thing you want is for messy surprises at hand over. Our team is professional, reliable, and dedicated and will ensure your project is left spotless. Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services have been looking after homes and offices throughout Australia since 1995. Our team specialises in end of lease cleaning and commercial cleaning but produce a high level of professionalism and cleanliness in any facet of the industry.

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Four Steps To A Green Cleaning Program

With these eco-friendly cleaning tips, your home will be fresh and green and if you use them efficiently, you won’t feel the need to buy toxic ones anymore. Nowadays, many people stock up piles of chemical products all around their houses, beneath their sinks and in different cupboards. The first tip to get a toxic-free house is getting rid of them because they can be extremely dangerous for your health and you don’t even know how toxic they can be for your kids if they breathe or touch them.