Floor & Steam Cleaners

Floor & Steam Cleaners

There are a number of various choices when it comes to hiring a specialist for the carpets. Depending on the quality of the carpet, the procedure will take about 30 minutes to an hour day service. In reality, vacuuming and then using a skilled hot water extraction or dry cleaning machine needs more time than only treating the stains or marks beforehand. Of course, most steam mops will remove bacteria and viruses from hard smooth surfaces, just as a normal mop with soap and warm water would and a sponge with the same.

Steam Kills Up To 99 9% Of Germs And Bacteria

Steaming and mopping are both effective methods of cleaning, however steaming can be a more efficient and sanitary means. Due to the heat, they can more effectively lift and absorb dirt, while also killing most of the bacteria and germs on your floor. Plus, as many have low-moisture designs, they won’t leave your floors soaking wet – so you can avoid slips and walk on your floors soon after cleaning them. It rates an average of 4.6 out of five stars from over 150 reviews. Makes my floors feel they are cleaned properly comparing to an old fashioned mop and bucket”. Clean and sanitise all manners of hard floors with water alone using the Steam Mop from cult fave cleaning brand Shark.

It can clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including a large range of floor types, walls, windows, curtains, mattresses, upholstery furniture, kitchens and bathrooms. The $279 Hoover Dual Steam Plus features plenty of extra attachments, allowing you to steam clean hard floors, carpets, as well as other handy spots such as the shower, and car upholstery. Another frequent question we are asked is, “Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors? ” The answer is no, it’s not advisable to use a steam mop on laminate flooring because this type of flooring doesn’t handle moisture well.

Ideal For A Range Of Commercial Uses

Some of our products are; ATHENA 8 PLUS, MC VAPOR 7, PEGASO etc. Browse the best range of steam mops in Australia online or in store at The Good Guys. You’ll get a good deal on steam mops from leading brands including Euroflex, Bissell, Vax and Karcher. Hygienically clean tough tile and floorboard stains using steam that removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the need for toxic, chemical-based detergents. Steam Mops use pressurised steam to loosen and wipe away stuck on dirt and grime. The microfibre steam mop pads will leave your surfaces sparkling clean.

  • These types of cleaners are very efficient as they save you time as no heavy scrubbing is required to achieve a truly sanitised home or working area.
  • The double-sided, machine-washable Dirt Grip cleaning pads allow you to steam clean double the area by simply flipping the mop head.
  • When you want your steam mop to do more than just clean floors, this Vax steam mop is the model for you.
  • Because of this, traditional synthetic carpets only need water extraction for around 3 to 6 hours to dry.
  • Steam mops aren’t great at stain removal but keep in mind that this is dependent on the flooring you have, as some stains soak more easily into certain types of floors over others.
  • From Blacktown to Bondi, Castle Hill to Cronulla – over the years we’ve built an enviable reputation for our impeccable upholstery and carpet cleaning services.
  • How They WorkSteam cleaning products use heat from steam to clean floors and do not require any cleaning supplies such as detergent or bleach to work.

The machine also arrives with a carpet accessory, a window squeegee accessory, a concentrator tool, a small brush and a few others. These devices can clean without chemicals and use hot water to sanitise surfaces and remove grime. Finally, MasterClean provides a resealing service for your tiles and grout.

Water Tank Capacity

Steam clean just about every surface in your home with this three-in-one from Bissell that features an upright steam mop, extension wand, and handheld steamer. Ditch the traditional mop and bucket and replace them with one of these top-rated steam cleaners to make gleaming hard floors a breeze. The powerful steam that is dispelled from steam cleaners can get rid of pests such as dust mites, insects and bacteria as well as stubborn grime and grease from your floors. Although steam cleaners can do an admirable job in cleaning particular hotspots in carpets, they cannot perform at the level of carpet cleaners – yet.

Have You Seen Our New Steam Mop Range?

The Euroflex range of household steam cleaners and steam mops have been engineered using the same principles as commercial steam cleaning equipment for maximum cleaning performance and benefit. Easy to use and remarkably effective, Steam Cleaners are a must have for any home. Refresh your floor surfaces by harnessing the power of steam which will mop up dirt and grease whilst also reducing the risk of bacteria and dust mites spreading through your home.

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Alphaclean provides powerful Industrial steam cleaners for cleaning large scale surfaces and machines. Our steam cleaners have been developed after thorough research has been done. Our experience in producing and supplying cleaning equipment spans many years and that’s why our brand is trusted all over Australia. We have a wide variety of Industrial steam cleaners to choose from depending on your needs. Alphaclean Industrial steam cleaners are made from the finest materials available making them to be durable and rugged. You can use our steam cleaners to clean a variety of machines and surfaces without fear because they have been made for versatility, we also offersteam cleaner hire for added benefit to your business.

How Long Does A Carpet Need To Dry Until You Can Step On It?

This compact 1,000-watt handheld steamer weighs just 1.5 kilograms and is just the ticket for a plethora of smaller cleaning tasks around the home. It’s an absolute doddle to use because it only has one steam strength and a simple thumb trigger on the rear. Simply fill the titchy 0.36-litre boiler with water, wait about a minute and start steaming. Kärcher is a major player in the steam arena and here it is again in this list.

The SC3 is relatively easy to store though you will need to prop it up against a wall. It’s also pretty light and not too awkward to push and pull, while its seven-metre cable is long enough for all but the most inaccessible areas. A great idea and perfect for families with young children, this model has a locking system to prevent little ones from getting it started.

This would provide the cleaner with the time it requires to adequately degrade and consume the dirt whilst still getting rid of the excess water. Usually, people imagine floor washing when they hear the term steam cleaner. Not only are they excellent for washing floors, both carpet and bare, but they are successful in a variety of other applications as well.

Other cleaners often rely on chemicals to produce results, which can be hazardous when used in areas without adequate ventilation. If you are trying to clean a tight space in an industrial facility, this can be dangerous. On the other hand, steam cleaners rely entirely on water, which makes them much less of a liability. They also don’t produce by-products that could be harmful to the environment. Unlike a vacuum cleaner they can be used on a wide range of surfaces around the house.

We have great deals on the latest models by Bissell, Euroflex, Karcher and Vax. Discover the latest mop style steam cleaners as well as window cleaners and pet erasers online or in store now. BenefitsSteam mops are non-toxic, as they do not require the use of heavy chemicals to work, only heat and water. This means that they are pet and child friendly and your home is a safer environment. Allergy sufferers do not have to worry about symptoms flaring up, as there are no chemicals in the steam cleaning process.

How To Buy The Best Steam Mop

Pegaso Premium Commercial Steam and Vacuum Cleaner boasts a huge 9 Bars of steam pressure, detergent injection and both steam and vacuum functionality. Power comes from it’s 9 BARS of STEAM PRESSURE and Utilising dry steam heated over 100°C, the high temperature eliminates dirt, grease and grime quickly and easily. Steam mops can damage the surfaces of cork tiles and unsealed or waxed timber. However, they should be suitable for most hard floors, including vinyl, ceramic tiles, linoleum, marble, stone and sealed timber – with some caveats. These look similar to upright vacuums, but do more than suction dirt and debris. Functions include vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and drying hard floors.

Click here to request a copy of our 128 page cleaning equipment catalogue. To maintain the efficiency of your carpet, vacuum at least twice a week. Making everybody removing their shoes the moment they reach the house. A pair of slippers should be available for use and inside the house.

Here is an approximate guide to delivery times for online orders once they have been dispatched. It’s handy to have a feature that tells you when the steam generator has heated up and is ready to run. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, retail shops and other commercial settings.

Steamer Detail Attachment + Wire Nozzle Brushes X 4 For Karcher Steam Cleaner

The most expensive option in Euroflex’s steam mop range, the ‘SC1D1’ is apparently ready to use within just three minutes. It is also stated to leave floors disinfected for up to seven days when used with ANTIKBAK, an antibacterial approved by the Therapeutic Goods Australia . Is your house giving you a dirty look with its old stained floors? The Euroflex Monster Hot Mop contains what the brand terms ‘Exothermic Technology’ to ensure floors appear ‘clean, renewed and sanitised’. The technology is said to dissolve dirt and grime by creating a design which combines a hot plate base, 100ml of water and microfiber pad.

It is important to note that the vapor contains less than 5% moisture, making it different from other machines that generate steam. The dry steam makes the cleaning process more eco-friendly, since it uses little water. Another reason people use the commercial steam cleaners is that the steam is very hot, allowing for removal of grease and grime and other types of dirt from various surfaces.