Eco Cleaning

Eco Cleaning

Remove years of unwanted limescale, water build up and rust from your shower screen… Contact your community for recycling in your area because they will advise you where to get rid of toxic chemicals. Eco My Home is passionate about helping Australians move towards a more healthy, toxic free lifestyle.

They not only take care of my home with consideration and care they have enchanted my dog, and my kids truly excited to find how their toys are arranged on their beds. I thoroughly enjoyed coming home to a beautiful clean home. Gabriela was nothing short of amazing, she left my home spotless. I felt she went above and beyond and I was so impressed by her level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Not only did she do a great job cleaning… her attention to detail and work ethic is excellent. …very impressed with Family Clean and will be sure to recommend your service. By far and away the best cleaners I have used in Brisbane. The cleaners were delightful, so polite, so organised, brought their own products, although I had my own, they were just so lovely. I didn’t even know they were in my house they carried on around me. People in regular contact with chemicals can experience ‘build up’ which means they can experience skin problems and other health issues after years of exposure.

The Koala Eco team also suggests starting small, or, if you’re so inclined, taking the DIY route. Get the latest on all things home, green, local and lovely through our newsletter. This was the best clean we have ever had done and the guys were fantastic. They were unfazed by the mess and completely willing to help, helping ease my guilt that I had let it get to that stage. Honestly, we were so delighted with the results and the “nothing is a problem for us” attitude. Conventional kitchen wipes, like Chux, are made from viscose rayon fibres, and will disintegrate into smaller microplastics, but will never break down completely.

If you’ve gone through these seven steps and find your eco-cleaner ticks the right boxes, then it’s time for you to get started! You can move forward with confidence knowing that you’re making the best choice for the environment, your commercial property or business and, most importantly, your valuable employees and clients. Unlike traditional methods of cleaning, eco-cleaning avoids the use of products that contain toxic chemicals, some of which can cause respiratory, dermatological and other health issues.

The goal of green chemistry is to create eco-friendly products using environmentally sustainable practices. This ethos extends across the entire life cycle of the product – design, manufacture, use, disposal. Although none of the eco products we tested are CHOICE recommended, there were some much better performers. Eco detergents scored far better overall for front loaders than for top loaders – with the pick of the bunch being from sustainable cleaning brand Cove. Here at CHOICE, we test a product’s effectiveness in our labs, but not itseco claims. If the veracity of such claims is important to you when choosing a cleaning product, always look into the company’s credentials and certifications.

Your cleaners will appreciate not being exposed to such harsh formulations. This will improve their health and happiness, making them more productive and better at their job. Whenever a cleaner uses harsh chemicals to clean your workplace, the chemicals inevitably get flushed down sink, floor and toilet drains and released into the environment.

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For scrubbing, we can’t go past Safix scrub pads which are made from coconut fibre – the perfect green cleaning accessory. All products are independently selected, tested or recommended by our team of experts. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. Just want to make magic with vinegar and bi-carb soda? Here are a bunch of eco-friendly cleaning hacks using not much more.

Guidance is not intended to be advice, it is not intended to be relied upon and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice based on personal circumstances. Always seek medical advice before proceeding with home remedies, especially for more severe cases. Be sure to check with your paediatrician before use. Any time I have had an issue or a query the matter has been attended to very promptly and the follow-up has been outstanding. The fresh smell of our office when you walk in after your team have been in overnight is so comforting. We can form a good working relationship with them.

Putting change into perspective, each dissolvable tablet creates 300mL of cleaning solution which can be purchased in multi-packs of four or eight. And, if you need to start from scratch, CHANGE also has a range of starter packs available which include a purpose-built, fully recyclable spray bottle and two tablets to get you going. With a full range of cleaning services for yourhomeorworkplace, we give our clients a chance to sit back, relax and allow the professionals to take over.

  • This represents our commitment to providing quality products that care for you, your family and our environment.
  • We use specially formulated Smart Green Chemicals which are safe for both humans and the environment, yet still fully capable of destroying harmful, disease-carrying bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • “That’s in addition to being harmful to the planet,” they add.

Minq aims to personalise your reusable and refillable cleaning products, designed to inspire people to reuse and make better choices by eliminating plastic waste. We are one of the leading cleaning company in Australia with the highest standards of professionalism offering quality cleaning services. We specialise in commercial cleaning and carpet cleaning Brisbane wide. Customers across Australia find us reliable, effective and affordable. We are a reputed cleaning company always at your service.

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These substances are having a terrible impact on our waterways, air, soil and wildlife. It’s important to note that strong smelling cleaning products do not remove odour molecules. Your nose just can’t perceive them because you smell the chemical product instead. Allergies are so common these days, and we are bombarded with chemicals everywhere we turn so we believe natural / eco-friendly cleaning is a necessity and not a luxury.

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I was very pleased with how clean and sparkling my oven looked afterwards, you did a very thorough job and I would definitely use yourselves again. This entry was posted in Student Life and tagged cleaning, tips. If you have spilled a liquid onto your couch, carpet, or rug, sprinkle bicarb soda to absorb the liquid, leave it to sit, and then vacuum it up. You can also add a touch of vinegar so the mixture fizzes before leaving it to sit and then vacuuming.

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An open container of bicarb soda will absorb bad odours from your fridge. Be sure to replace it every few months so it remains effective. Orders placed before 12pm AEST Monday-Friday will be shipped same day, orders placed after 12pm will be shipped the next business day. Washing trucks can be challenging, but not impossible, especially with the right cleaning agents. Another means of compliance is to replace a more toxic ingredient with a less toxic substitute.

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See our full list of pregnancy safe oils in our FAQs. Eco-cleaning is so much more than just using the right products – it’s also about what a company does when it’s finished using those products, and how it handles waste. One key area to keep an eye out for is certification in environmental management, which shows that the company is achieving environmentally friendly and economically sound solutions. Any cleaning company can claim to be eco-friendly when in fact they could be really missing the mark.

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By engaging cleaners who use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, your business is playing an important role in reducing the negative effects traditional cleaning products have on our environment. This is an opportunity to not only lessen your carbon footprint, but also to support the sustainability of our waterways. An Australian natural cleaning brand to back, CHANGE was brought to us by its sister brand Cheeki – the first company to introduce stainless steel water bottles to Australia.

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We have years of experience in cleaning services, and all this knowledge is passed to our teams through our in-house training. In addition to all the chemicals, there’s the plastics and packaging for these products; particularly the plastic cages used in rim blocks. The cages are used once, then thrown away – multiply that by millions of people who use these products and it becomes quite a substantial amount of non-biodegradable waste. Cleanworks offers commercial cleaning services across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney & Melbourne. Unlike many other cleaning companies, Cleanworks doesn’t simply treat green cleaning compounds as a direct swap for traditional cleaning agents. Each cleaning solution requires a specific cleaning method to ensure that the maximum effect is achieved using the minimal amount of cleaner.

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We had a ‘house cleaning spring clean’ today and couldn’t be happier! We will be using Family Clean for regular cleaning from now on. I have been with family clean for 3-4 years now and have always been so happy with the service. Everyone we dealt with have always done a fantastic job to my expectations and more importantly consistent at every service. Attention to detail and honesty are their great asset.

The OK Compost certification means the capsule can be industrially composted, breaking down at temperatures of 60° and over. The process of industrial composting requires a mix of heat, aeration, moisture, micro-organisms and regulated pH levels to allow the capsule to break down. Please check your local council for their organic waste regulations. Want to know more about cleaning your pod machine? We care about you, your family, your staff and the environment. I was very impressed by the professionalism of your staff.